ICTCore, The ultimate b2b solution for Telecom carriers/operators to offer innovative services

Telecom organizations around the globe are competing with each other to offer innovative services in order to find new ways to generate revenue and in this competitive environment, only organization with efficient and innovative approach will survive . The price war are compelling telecom operators / carries to find-out new ways to generate revenue and offer new services to fulfill their customer needs .

Release of ICTDialer Version 3.0 , the unified open source autodialer software

We recently released ICTDialer Version 3.0 http:/www.ictdialer.org , an open source autodialler application based on open source CTI development framework ICTCore http://www.ictcore.org and Freeswitch, the communication engine, It has been tested on high loads successfully and will include advance features in near future . ICTDialer features Fax, SMS and Voice broadcasting .

Opensips and Asterisk Integeration, Opensips as Load Balancer and Registerar and Asterisk as Media server

The scope of current project is to setup Opensips and Asterisk setup with Opensips role as Registrar as well as Load balancer b/t two asterisk servers . The asterisk servers role will be as Media servers only . It is required that all registrations requests need to be forwarded to opensips server and stored at mysql database and all call related Initial SIP request need to redirected to asterisk servers for further call handling operations .

We used following open source software applications

Top Open Source CRM software solutions of 2018

Here we have listed top open souce CRM in industry, The criteria to selected protects is purely based on openness of project, community support and acceptance and stability with advance features.


SuiteCRM is an open source alternative to SugarCRM and is actually based on Sugar’s open source version, SugarCRM Community Edition is l no longer supported by SugarCRM. It’s based on Open Source Sugar, but uses Open Source add-ons to make it close to, if not better than, the ‘Pay’ Sugar.”

Open Source Voip Software , Top IP Telephony application of 2018

Open source software has leading role in emerging of present Information and communication technologies (ICT), Following is list of top rated , mature and reliable open source applications that revolutionized the communication concepts. We have tried our best to include best applications in each category however if you have any news please share with us to keep this post updated .