Best Open Source Configuration Management Tools

  • Sat, 07/04/2015 - 01:03 by aatif

Best Open Source Configuration Management Tools


Ansible is a free configuration management tool. It is a simple automation system for managing and configuring computers. It is created by Michael DeHaan author of the provisioning server application Cobbler. Ansible is used for different configuration applications like cloud provisioning,configuration-management,ad-hoc task-execution. It also used for managing nodes over power shell and multi node deployment. Ansible comes with web User Interface (UI).The design architecture of Ansible is consist of five things Secure, Consistent, Minimal in nature,Highly reliable and Low learning curve. Ansible supported Linux and Unix distributions, such as Red Hat, Debian, CentOS, OS X, and BSD operating systems. Ansible allow you to deploy it public and private cloud environments.


Cfengine is old name in configuration software tools the author of this project is Mark Burgess. It is very comprehensive tools and provides high level policy language for building expert systems. It is used to administrate and configure large computer networks. By using Cfengine you can manage and configure nodes and their configuration setting. It also provide the facility to automate your system administration task of installation and configuration,maintaining and establishing inventory of all managed nodes,it used to report the compliance of configurations by groups. Its offer web User Interface (UI) in enterprise version. Cfengine is very light weighted and faster configuration tool written in C language. It supported wide range of platform like RHEL 4,Open Indiana,SLES on Mainframe 390,Solaris 9 UltraSparc,Debian 4 etc.


Puppet is an open source and as well as commercial enterprise configuration software solution. It is written in Ruby language. Puppet used model-driven approach therefore it is easy to learn and Ops-friendly configuration solution. It is very mature smooth product and has very strong user community. Puppet is feature enrich product. Features available in enterprise version is greater as compare to open source version. Some main features which presented by Puppet are task automation,provisioning of Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, orchestration, provide configuration management,number of supported modules,role based access control support like external authentication,web GUI,event inspector and many more. It also supported cross platform.