Best Open Source Image Editor Tools

  • Wed, 07/01/2015 - 01:55 by aatif

Best Open Source Image Editor Tools


darktable is an open source image editor photography tool. It is a work flow application and raw developers which consist of virtual lightable darkroom for photographers. It is written in C language and supported major Linux distribution. It has a ability to handle the large number of images very easily. darktable provide the zoom able user interface and has zero latency full screen. The basic image operation it control are crop and rotate,base curve and exposure controls,highlight reconstruction and white balance. Basic color image operation it handle are consist of overexposed and velvia,channel mixer and color contrast,color correction and color transfer,vibrancy and input output display color profile management.


digiKam is a free and open source image editor tool. It is very advanced photo management application for KDE and written in C++ language. It provide the comprehensive way for organizing the photos in album by using chronological order through custom collection or folder layout. digiKam provide the plugin support to enhance the functionality. It used the KIPI plugins. digiKam provide the user friendly interface and allow you to connect your camera and preview, download and delete your images. It also used very excellent tool Light Table which assist the artist to reviewing their work and import photo to light table and drag and touch facility. Importing features which presented by digiKam is consist of USB connection,Uploading images,Auto-rename pictures during import,Auto-creation of albums during import and many more.


GIMP is also free and open source image editing tool. It was began in 1995 and can be used for image editing, resizing, converting, retouching and many more task we can accomplished by using this tool.It supported number of operating system like GNU/Linux,Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista),Mac OS X,Sun OpenSolaris and FreeBSD. It also supported the plugin to enhance the functionality. File format supported by GIMP are JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD by using plugin you can increase the format capability. GIMP provide the customization facility you can change the color,widget,icon size etc. It is very useful for advanced retouching techniques and it also support the various hardware devices. GIMP released under license GNU GPL v3.