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open source inventory management tool


inFlow is a free inventory management software solution. It is very useful inventory management software for small and medium size business with 10 or less employees in wholesale, retail or manufacturing. With inFlow free version you can manage 100 products and customer and generate dozen reports but you cannot access some extra advanced features in free version. However free version has no expiration date you can use it unlimited time period. InFlow also provide the integration facility you can integrate it with QuickBooks easily to access some advance financial features. InFlow provide the features of sophisticated documentation like invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, receipts, shipping documents. It provide the auto backup data facility and locations, pictures, prices and categories information in one place.

ABC inventory

ABC inventory is a free and open source inventory management system. It is very simple and comprehensive inventory management system for small and medium sized business. By using ABC inventory you can manage inventory data like serial numbers,number of warehouses,warranties store unlimited database record,tracked products etc. It is child of Almyta Control System or we can say that ABC Inventory is starter package for Almyta Control System. ABC inventory provide number of features to their user some of these features are support Multiple companies and Multiple Currencies,Multiple workstation configurations and Multiple logos support,quick pricing and payment,reports customization and Password protection and provide export data facility to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML and many more.


Carta is an online order and inventory management software for business. Its comes with very user friendly design and can manage orders, easily communicate with customer and vendors,track your stock.By using Carta you can control purchasing and selling and your inventory updated instantly. Carta provide the very efficient way of handling the inventory with full information of available stock and alert you when your stock is low. It supported cross platform like Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based, Windows Phone, Mobile Web App. Key features which presented by Carta are Auto markup, costing, profit calculations,Barcode support,Email and phone support,Multiple locations, taxes, currencies, users,Sales orders and purchase orders workflow,History log and Share orders with customers and many more.


Openbravo is an open source inventory management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is very easy to use versatile solution, used for medium and large size business. Openbravo support retail, distribution, manufacturing etc. It provide the functionality of ERP,CRM and BI functionality and provide the support of sales management,data management, subscription management,project management,service management,inventory management. Openbravo provide the powerful security mechanism that effectively control the system accessibility. Openbravo has a feature of Warehouse Management you can handle inventory by determining how much sold and how much remaine through databas.It also provide the feature of chart view analysis.


vtiger is also an other open source inventory management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is a very powerful tool that control the complete sale cycle management. It provide the email marketing facility it is a best solution for small to medium sized business. It provide the functionality of sales quotes,sales order,invoices,prices books in inventory management. vtiger provide the features of integration you can integrate vtiger with Outlook, Google Apps, to Office, Exchange and many more. vtiger provide the features of Import the product details from other applications,Create custom product fields,Export detail of product to spreadsheet,Attach document like license agreements and upload images etc.