Open Source Human Resource Management Software

  • Sun, 09/06/2015 - 02:07 by aatif

Open Source Human Resource Management Software

Human resource management software are used to managing different organizational activities. Various activates which HRM software are effectively manage are recruitment, selection, update employee database, performance evaluation, payroll, health, safety, leave and attendance. To achieve productive efficiency integrates different business functions in one package.

Today's global market it is important for companies to hold their most valuable asset(human resource). Because success of any company just not depends on strategies,products and technology human resource is also play very vital role in the success of company over all effort. Therefore it is necessary for employer to hold manage and retain human resources effectively. It is also possible by using human resource management software organizations manage employees effectively and get maximum output.

Various type of human resource management software are available in market, some of these are paid and some are free and open source each have different functions. Lets we see some top open source HRM software.

A1 eHR
A1 eHR is an excellent open source human source management software solution. It is developed by Alliance technologies and supported mid-sized and large-sized organizations. It is a unified system that provides a single system of record for employees. It provide the wide list of functions such as organization management, recruitment, training, leave management, payroll, employee relations and successions planning. It is also used to manage global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

OrangeHRM is a popular human resource management software solution. It supported small and medium sized companies and improve communication with in a company. This software is very easy to deploy in each department of company. It is very user friendly HRM solution, it is available in hosted platform. It is unified HR software with vast array of modules.It has multiple HRM functions like it used to manage employee information, recruitment, performance evaluation, absence management and many more.

SimpleHRM is an easy to use open source human resource management software solution. It can be used for small and medium sized enterprise. It has ability to manage wide range of human resource needs. It is available in free and paid version. List of features provided by SimpleHRM are leave management, travel management, expense management, benefits, task reporting, and the ubiquitous employee information. It is also used manage employees static and dynamic data.

iceHRM is an efficient open source human resource management solution. It is best for small and medium sized organizations. It provide free source code and its web based version is free for up to 20 employees. It has excellent UI, it is easily implemented with a modular architecture. Modular architecture of iceHRM is customizable and extandable. It provide the features of leave management, time management,attendance management, employee information and document upload.