Emergency Alert System for Schools

School teachers and administrators not only play an important role of educating the students but in the case of an emergency it becomes their responsibility to protect the students. The terrorist attack is not the only situation of taking care of the students but severe weather, fire, power outage, earthquake or other crisis scenarios can happen any time.

What equipment and technology is involved to establish an ITSP business?

Setting up an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) business requires choosing suitable technology and equipment. There are lots of open source software solutions available that can make your life easier. But choosing right hardware solely depends on whether you are going to target the residential or business market.

Mobile friendly responsive websites generate better sales leads

Every company gives equal importance to their websites and online customers. A customer can use a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to visit a company's website. If your website doesn't look good on customer's device, he/she may likely try to find your competitor's mobile friendly responsively-designed website.

Will webApps ever replace nativeApps in Smartphones?

WebApps are great for a lot of things such as availability, simplicity, portability and cross-platform support, but they also have issues like performance and local hardware integration. It will take quite a while before webApps can truly replace native/desktop applications, but I have no doubt that it's just a matter of time.

VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) solutions for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry has the potential for implementing VoIP and Unified Communications solutions for patient satisfaction and to maintain profitable growth. For nurses and doctors, communication platform such as phone, email, instant messages and notification systems provides a medium to be connected with the management and patients.