Maximise Business Sales Through Autodialer

  • Tue, 05/05/2015 - 03:01 by aatif

Autodialing is a automatic dialing techniques of contact numbers, instead of dialing contact number one by one manually its dial automatically. Now a days most of the business used this technique to maximize their business sales and most of the telemarketing companies also used this autodialing system. For automatic dialing need a Autodialer software solution like ICTBroadcast Autodialer Software.

What Is VoLTE- Benefits Of VoLTE Over Traditional Technology

  • Sun, 05/03/2015 - 02:40 by aatif

VoLTE is stand for Voice Over Long Term Evolution. VOLTE transmit call over the internet Instead of using voice technology to route call like CDMA or GSM call is routed as voice over internet protocol(VOIP) through service like Vonage and Skype. The main difference between VoLTE and traditional method based on transmitting the call procedure like traditionally deliver the call over the standard Internet Protocol,but through VoLTE calls are delivered over a mobile 4G LTE broadband network.

Unified Communications Advantages In Today's Business World

  • Thu, 04/30/2015 - 02:55 by aatif

Today's world effective communication play a vital role for the performance of business.your business comes into trouble if your messages not communicate effectively.Communication create strong relationship and connection which is necessary to achive business goals.
Good quality effective communication role is very important to the success and failure of any business whose connection spread world wide.Business which operate the world wide need proper mechansim of communication for connection their employe,customer,supplier,seller etc.

Telemarketing Techniques Boost Companies Sales

  • Wed, 04/29/2015 - 02:55 by aatif

Telemarketing is a good way to boost your company return on investigate(ROI).Through telemarketing you can promote your business product and service and telemarketing is a immediate sales generation processes. Telemarketing is a process of direct marketing in which sales representative over the phone or face to face solicits customer to buy services or product.