5 Interesting Docker Tool You Should Use

  • Fri, 01/29/2016 - 13:53 by aatif

Docker's community is very energetic and hardworking. The community consists of hardworking enthusiastic experienced developers and programmers. They always in search of developing a new tool that can extend the functionality of Docker. Let's see some of the Docker's tool which can expand the functionality of Docker.

It is an amazing simple Minecraft Docker client, it is used to visualize and manage Docker containers. By using it you can turn on and off the container through the flick of the switch. If you work most of the time with containers, you will enjoy dockercraft images. It is a fun projects of Adrien Duermael and Gaetan de Villele.

Docker Label Inspector
Docker label inspector is an excellent tool that helps to ensure you are providing your Docker images with the metadata they will need out in the wilds of the internet. It also provides label linter and a label validator useful tools. It allows the developer to use Docker labels to produce metadata within the domain of the container and also check labels against the official label schema.

CMT stands for Container migration tool, it is a portable and light-weighted tool. It is easily adaptable to any underlying mechanism of C/R. The basic purpose of this project is to create an external command-line tool that can be either used with docker or run. It is used to help on the task to live to migrate containers between different hosts by performing pre-migration validations and allowing to auto-discover suitable target hosts.

Dvol is version control of development databases in Docker. These developer tools provide git-like functionality to Docker volumes. It allows you to do commit, reset and branch your development databases. Dvol helps you in speeding up tests and Interactive debugging.

Libnetwork is a combination of networking code from both libcontainer and Docker Engine into a multi-platform library for networking containers. It also presents Container Network Model (CNM) and gets incredible valuable inputs from its partners like IBM, Weave, Cisco, Microsoft, Rancher, and VMware. Libnetwork is a flexible solution it uses a plugin model to support its solutions.