Open Source ICT Projects

ICT Innovations is currently working on following open source projects:


ICTFAX is an Email to Fax, Fax to Email and Web to Fax gateway application, supports Extensions / ATA, REST API's and G.711 faxing, PSTN faxing and FoIP T.38 origination and termination. ICTFAX is based on open source Freeswitch, ICTCore and Angular Framework.

ICTFax Rest-APIs providers a framework to businesses to automate their business process also It suits all type of organizations also it empowers internet service providers to offer the following services to their customers .

Web to Fax, Fax to Web or Online Fax
Email to fax and fax to email
ATA / Extensions to send and receive faxes via existing Fax machines

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ICTFax Service Provider Edition is a multitenant edition of ICTFax for businesses and telephony service providers to offer hosted interent Fax services to their customers using FoiP technologies and enable them to offer Outbound/Inbound Fax Services to their customers like Efax or myfax.


ICTCore provides voice, fax, SMS and email communication support. It is a communication library that can be configured to work with any gateway e.g. FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and SMS gateway such as Kannel . It is developed using the object-oriented principles. It handles all the low level complexities of dialplan writing and provides high level, easy to use APIs for developers to build complex fax and voice applications.

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ICTSchool is open source school management software , It is modern school management software system for running any type of educational institute. It bundle Unified Communications & School Management features for forward-thinking educational institutes around the world. It features complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and text messaging to connect school teachers, conduct voice calls based questions and make real time surveys, broadcasting important notifications or invitations, connecting parents and students in such a way that never imagined before.

Following are main features of ICTSchool

Students & Classes mangement
Attendance System
Fee management
Results and reports
Voice & SMS integration
Exam results management
Multi Branches
Mobile Apps