Open Source ICT Projects

ICT Innovations is currently working on following open source projects:


ICTFAX is open source email to fax and fax to email gateway that supports G.711 faxing , PSTN faxing and T.38 origination and termination. ICTFAX 3.0 is a complete re-write of previous version of ICTFAX. Now backend is supported by Powerful Freeswitch, ICTCore communication Framework and front-end is based on Drupal 7.

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ICTCore provides voice, fax, SMS and email communication support. It is a communication library that can be configured to work with any gateway e.g. FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and SMS gateway such as Kannel . It is developed using the object-oriented principles. It handles all the low level complexities of dialplan writing and provides high level, easy to use APIs for developers to build complex fax and voice applications.

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MuteMe Android Application

MuteMe is an android application that can automatically mute or unmute you mobile phone based on your entered schedules that can be time-based and location-based. The user of the application has the option to set mute, unmute or vibrate mode of its mobile.

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ICTDialer is open source autodialer with voice and fax support. ICTDialer is based on Drupal CMS and uses FreeSWITCH and Plivo as VoIP gateway.

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