Open Source telephony consultants, Integerators and Support professionals

ICT Innovations has a team of professionals with expertise in LAMP Stack, TCP/IP Networking and Open Source Communications projects Like Asterisk , Freeswitch , kamailio , FusionPBX , FreePBX, ICTCore, ICTFAX and ICTDialer

Yearly Linux Server Support Services Packages

ICT Innovations open source telephony services includes


We offer consultancy services to our clients and work with them to understand their business scenario and requirements well, suggest best open source tools, estimate required resources to customize , develop , migrate , integrate and provide network architecture and deployment plan to customer

Integration / Development

We have a professional team of developers , having in depth working experience of open source ICT projects such as ictcore, freeswitch, asterisk, Angular, flutter and LAMP stack also we offer service to integrate open source telephony projects / components to provide a complete business solution as per client requirement and develop set of API's on request to integrate open source VoIP projects with your existing application


We provide services to plan, deploy and test scale able, fault tolerance, redundant open source ICT business solutions based on open source freeswitch / asterisk / fusionpbx / freepbx and Kamailio also we have experience to deploy business solutions on Cloud Environment including Amazon AWS Services.

Asterisk / Freeswitch Yearly Server Support Services Packages

FusionPBX / FreePBX Installation and deployment Packages

Scaleable deployment of FusionPBX / FreePBX

Kamailio Load balancing setup

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Our services include

Installation, configuration and customization of open source voip projects
Asterisk integration
Custom Scripting / AGI scripting and IVR Desiging
FreeSWITCH integration
Custom Freeswitch scripting
class 4 & class 5 soft-switch deployments
T.38 based Fax over IP server setup
Opensips / kamailio based deployments
open source billing solutions
Cloud based Voip deployment
Custom Application Development
Load Balancing
Custom Queue Systems
Click to Dial Applications
SIP Proxy deployment
Emergency Support
Database Integration
Geographic Redundancy
NAT traversal and RTP proxy
TLS, SRTP, encryption, privacy
Presence, IM, XCAP
VoIP Security
Telemarketing and mass communications solutions
CTI integrated open source CRM solutions
Secured communication, ZRTP
and much more

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Monitoring & Support Services

We provide 24/7 support services to monitor Voip / Linux Servers to make sure that there is least disruption of services (linux servers ) and provide immediate support in case of some issue arisal as our support professional will be available for help at clients business hours
Yearly Linux Server Monitoring Packages
Asterisk / Freeswitch Yearly Server Monitoring Packages

Monitoring Support Services include
1) Monitoring Linux servers at clients business hours
2) Maintenance of Linux server
3) Performance Tuning
4) Security, fixing security holes
5) Urgent support services in case of issue arisal in client's business timings

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