Benefits of On-premises Predictive Dialer Over Hosted Predictive Dialer

  • Tue, 02/24/2015 - 18:06 by aatif

There are many dialers available in the market and every dialer has its own specifications and benefits in terms of use. Predictive dialer is mainly used in a call center because of its very effective feature of using a statistical algorithm that has the ability to reduce the waiting time for agents. A predictive dialer uses an autodialer capability of automatically dialing numbers from the contact list. After call answer, the predictive dialer determines if the phone is answered by a person or an answering machine (AMD). If answered by a person, it determines the availability of live agents who will greet and communicate with the person.

Hosted dialer and on-premises dialer has no difference in terms of functionality or working. The difference lies in that in the case of an on-premises predictive dialer you need your own server and some other hardware equipment and in hosted solution all hardware, server, and equipment is provided by the hosted provider. In other words, you can say that hosted predictive dialer is ready to eat solution.

There are many benefits of on-premises predictive dialer in contrast to hosted predictive dialer solution. Let's see some benefits of on-premises predictive dialer over hosted predictive dialer.

No monthly charges

One of the most important and obvious benefits of using the on-premises predictive dialer is that no monthly or quarterly charges to pay. Just pay once and get the benefit for a lifetime. One-time payment of on-premises predictive dialer is, no doubt, higher than hosted predictive dialer but when we compare it as we needed predictive dialer for a long period of time or permanently, it will prove to be the best choice in the long run.

Tailored to your need

The other important benefit of using an on-premises predictive dialer is that we can tailor or customize the predictive dialer according to our needs. If we needed to configure some additional software or hardware like PBX and CRM on an on-premises solution, it provides us the ease to use it as we needed whereas hosted predictive dialers do not have this flexibility.


Privacy is one of the main benefits while using on-premises predictive dialer software. Everything is under your control, no third-party involvement makes your data secure and maintains privacy. Data privacy and security is a major issue when we using hosted predictive dialer software solution.


Freedom to control as you want is another benefit of an on-premises predictive dialer solution. You are free to use any trunk provider, can increase and decrease the number of concurrent calls, and can change call per second billing.