Best Open source Point OF Sale Software Solution

  • Sat, 04/30/2016 - 12:29 by aatif


Odoo present open source point of sale user friendly solution. It comes very user friendly interface. Odoo's point of sale can be used online and off-line. You can operate it by iPads, Android tablets or laptops. It also provides the freedom of integration. You can integrate it with other Odoo's inventory and accounting applications. Through this integration all of your point of sale transaction goes directly to inventory management and accounting. It provides you real time figures and consolidations across all your shops without the hurdle of integrating several applications. Odoo point of sale is more than an ordinary point of sale system. It provides your clients positive experience by improving your services. It has the ability to handle many tasks like refunds, track warranties, follow customer claims, plan order deliveries etc.

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz provides its own open source point of sale front end application. This point of sale solution is more reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solutions. It provides the freedom, to customize this solution according to your need. This framework provides all the features of pricing, promotions, facilities and many more. It has the ability to provide order, promotion and pricing management. It provides excellent account management like invoice, payment, billing, etc. It is released under Apache License, Version 2.0 and it is the part of the Apache software foundation. Apache OFBiz is not the only point of sale application, it also included framework components and business applications for ERP, CRM,, E-Business / E-Commerce, MRP, MMS/EAM.


uniCenta is an open source point of sale solution. It is the branch of Openbravo point of sale and has the ability to run on displays from 800x600 upwards. It also allows you to run on multi-location and multi-terminal. It can easily manage inventory, reporting, CRM and even employee management. It supported cross platform like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, WePOS, Linux, Mac OSX Java POS, ESCPos, OPOS etc. It supported different databases like Apache Derby, MySQL, HSQLDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases. It also supported payment gateways, barcode scanner; weighing scales etc. It provides the features of account management, customer information, different access levels, track inventory, transaction history etc.