Few reasons why Telemarketing isn't dead yet!

Telemarketing is a dirty business but if used correctly, it can be a powerful tool that can help build and grow your business. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today require using all the resources available to get them going. Visibility is an important factor to get a share in the marketplace. Telemarketing can be your commander in chief in this war of visibility, market share, and ultimate survival. It gives you the leverage to carve out and execute a strategy and then ultimately convert your prospects into new customers.

Sales are all about building relationships

Selling products and services is all about building relationships with potential customers and clients. Whereas telemarketing is the main tool that gives you the power to build relationships. A skilled telemarketing service is an asset to a business. Once the relationship is established with the client, the remaining process of giving products/services plans and packages information becomes easy. If these steps are completed correctly, you should see an increase in your revenue thanks to telemarketing that helped you to build relationships.

SEO and Social Media are unable to replace Telemarketing

For the last decade or so, social media was very cheap and the only cost associated to market your business was through staff time. But now Twitter and Facebook, two of the most famous social media platforms, have altered their post and tweet visibility options so much that, as an example, to get your post seen on Twitter, the best way is to pay for it with a sponsored tweet. Similarly over on Facebook, page owners really must invest in advertisements if they want their posts to be seen by a large page audience. SEO was also seen as a new cheap way to get clients by using link-building directories. But now Google has black-listed such link-building directories. Now you now need to pay for really good quality websites to show your links and contents.

Drip Strategy still works

The drip strategy means sending continuous messages to customers or prospects over a period of time. However, this strategy is usually done in conjunction with email marketing. Messages are sent initially in the form of emails. Voice calls can be useful afterward in addition to emails because it give your customers or prospects time to think and decide but do not completely forget you.

The current state of telemarketing shows that it is still one of the top methods to reach customers and prospects. Telemarketing is not completely down and out yet. It must, however, change from its current state to remove the dirty label and live a real life out of it.