How IVR can benefit your business?

IVR is the abbreviation of Interactive Voice Response that refers to the interaction of an automated voice communication system with a customer through telephone or mobile keys. IVRs allow computers to respond to customer calls instead of living agents by providing them with simple choice-based questions whose answers can be given through a phone keypad. Most of the time IVR acts as the first-line agent before customer call is forwarded to the live agent.

Hiring people only to answer phones all day can be a costly thing for small businesses. Setting up an IVR is a cheaper alternative to having customers speak with a dedicated representative. IVR allows for more calls to be answered in a shorter period of time than usual, a human can do. Many businesses of all sizes automate their phone answering system with IVR technology in order to make their staff productive.

Here we have underlined some of the benefits that a business can get by using IVR technology.

1. Self Service

Many FAQs based problems can be taken care of after a brief automated visit to the service by the customer. For example, balance inquiry or checking order status. It relieves customers from long waits for small inquiries.

2. Easy Options

Well-designed menu options can keep the customers out of the never-ending sub-menus and sub-sub-menus etc.

3. Personalized Caller Info

Automated IVR systems can collect caller information from their database using the dialed phone number. This caller information can be used for a personalized message on each incoming call that gives the perception of quality and importance to the customer.

4. Available 24/7

IVR system can be online 24/7 without any weekends or lunch breaks or off time etc. Quick inquires can be performed without any hassle anytime.

5. Customer Feedback

IVR can be programmed to take customers' feedback either using simple choice-based questions or through voice recording. Customers can also learn about special offers, sales discounts, and upcoming products while using IVR.

These are some of the benefits of using IVR technology in your business. For information on this, you can contact us to see how IVR can help you in your business.