How virtual PBX and Internet of Things (IoT) are related?

The idea behind Internet of Things (IoT) is very straight forward that is "the interconnection of digital devices, objects and things globally". These devices, objects and things can be our daily appliances such as our refrigerators, wrist watches, mobile phones, car dashboard, and oven thermostat etc. These devices can help us in carrying out our daily tasks. For example, our smartphones can control thermostats, refrigerator, and air conditioner. We can turn lights on and off for us of our house through smartphone and even our refrigerator can order meal for us by looking at the things it has. Our machines are getting smarter and they can talk to each other. Hence, the success of IoT lie in the devices that allow it to take shape.

So how these devices will be connected and how they will talk to each other? Internet will be the key enabler for IoT as the name suggest, Internet of Things. But the devices may be using underlying technologies for communication such as wireless technology, 4G, 5G, RFID, web services, cloud computing and so on. That means anything hosted on the cloud will become part of IoT.

Virtual PBX, on the other hand, is a PBX system that transmit calls over the internet as data. It is a form of hosted VoIP that usually handles inbound calls and typically intended for small businesses with few employees and having low-volume telephone traffic. We have seen remarkable improvements in virtual and hosted PBX technology with improvements in Internet connections over the years throughout the world. Now scalability is not an issue. A virtual PBX handles capacity and performance of the whole VoIP system.

Coming back to the IoT, we'll see that most connected devices in the IoT will rely on mobile networks or WiFi. That means a large number of devices with very low bandwidth requirements, will require efficient connections that are both cost effective and low in energy consumption. This will allow a virtual PBX user to connect and talk to any device, object and thing in IoT. This connection can be a person-to-person, person-to-machine, machine-to-person, or machine-to-machine.

IoT is probably the next big thing to have huge impact on telecommunication technologies after cloud computing. But it may take another half a decade to come into our daily life.