Merits And Demerits Of Call Center Outsourcing

  • Fri, 08/21/2015 - 02:25 by aatif

Merits And Demerits Of Call Center Outsourcing


Call Center Outsourcing becomes the trend between the different brands and businesses in the few past decades. Outsourcing is an alternative to in-house staffing. In outsourcing sending work abroad due to cheap labor costs, reduced technology and equipment purchases, and bigger customer accommodation, etc. But some businesses embraced outsourcing. Outsourcing also has some disadvantages. Before going to outsourcing everyone should consider its merits and demerits. After the judgment of its SWOT(strength weakness opportunity threat) analysis choose to outsource to deliver services to their customer.

Merits of Call Center Outsourcing


Reduce Cost

Outsourcing is the best way of reducing cost for call centers. Outsourcing reduces call center labor cost significantly by an Outsourcing call center in under developing countries whose per capita income is low. Outsourcing also reduces call center operational and infrastructure costs and pay a significant impact on profits by reducing costs.

Focus On Business

Outsourcing lessens your burden by outsourcing call center functions to the third party. you can focus better way on your core business by reducing the burden of talking and making calls for business.

Eliminate Language Barriers

If your business is spread in the whole world and you need to communicate with the customer of different languages it becomes difficult to handle these varied languages customers. Outsourcing provides ease in this case. Outsourced call center agents are able to communicate in different languages.

Save Resources

Outsourcing major befits in a call center is eliminate staff-related issues. Outsourcing saves your company's cost, time, and headache of hiring, training, monitoring, and managing the staff.

Demerit of Call Center Outsourcing


Risk Of Exposing Data

It is a drawback of outsourcing your confidential data is not secure. When organizations outsource Recruitment services, HR services, and payroll chance of exposing companies' secret information to third party increase.

Hidden Costs

As we know that outsourcing is cost-effective but sometimes hidden costs are included in a contract of outsourcing. Chance of threat increase when you make a contract across international boundaries.

Communication Gap

In outsourcing cultural and language barriers sometimes obstruct the communication procedure between an agent and a customer.
It negatively affects the turnover rate. Lack of customer focuses also laying down the terms of service with its outsourcing partner.