Mobile friendly responsive websites generate better sales leads

Gone are the days when online presence for a company wasn't important for its customers. Now every company gives equal importance to their websites and online customers. A customer can use a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to visit a company's website. If your website doesn't look good on the customer's device, he/she may likely try to find your competitor's mobile-friendly responsively designed website.

In a survey conducted by Pew Research Center to find out the type of devices used by the people of United States to connect to the internet. The findings of the survey tell that 56% of American adults either use a smartphone or a tablet device. Out of this 56%, a full 34% of the people do not use any other device (such as desktop or laptop) to connect to the internet. The primary method of connecting to the internet of this 34% is smartphone or tablet. This shows that how much important it is to make a website that is user-friendly for smartphones as well as desktop PCs. This means your website has to work perfectly on every device that is, at the moment, only possible through "Responsive design".

A high percentage of the customers perform a web search before buying anything. Desktop computers are not the only device for making this web search but smartphones and tablets are being used significantly for this purpose. For sales organizations, the successful strategy is to go where the customers are, and in 2015, they are on their smartphones and tablets. But a responsive design is not a solution itself. It's a recipe which you have to cook. It's all about how you design and position your content in a responsive website.

For some customers, your responsive design may not work as would have thought. Users may find it slow to load because of heavy CSS files that might make a negative impact. This also hits your site's search-ability badly in the search engine.

A quality mobile-friendly website requires a skill set that is different from traditional website design. The responsive designers might be hard to find and expensive to retain. But it has become too important for companies to attract customers and generate sales leads this way that the overall benefit is very significant than the expenses.