Open source Configuration Management Database

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Open source Configuration Management Database


What Is CMDB


A configuration management database (CMDB) is a repository that consists of information and holds the information system used in an organization's IT services and the relationships between these components. Components of an information system are referred to as configuration items (CI). In spite of the fact that vaults like CMDBs have been utilized by IT offices for a long time, the term CMDB comes from ITIL. A CMDB facilitates an organization to recognize your human relationships concerning this kind of factor as well as track their setup.

There are many chimerical products that provide solutions for configuration management databases but this software is difficult to manage and not possible to customize. Lets we see some of the open-source configuration management database software solutions which is easy to manage and allow customization facility.

OneCMDB is an open source small and medium-sized businesses Configuration Management Database system. It is used to keep and track of assets, documents, hardware assets, and their relations. It also comes with open APIs. It is an excellent powerful and flexible configuration management engine for other service management software. It is easy to install and has a user-specified data model that can be altered and enhanced without programming.

Features of OneCMDB

It can import and export network configuration information to and from NAGIOS Network Monitoring System.
Through auto-discovery of your network, it can populate the database.
Take data from various external sources through a flexible import and transform mechanism.
Without writing a line of code it creates a CMDB data model.
OneCMDB can be modified and redistributed.

Itop (IT Operations Portal) is a complete open-source web-based IT service management tool. It consists of all ITIL functionality, such like it provide the functionality of change management and service management, incident management, configuration management, and problem Management. It used the MySQL database and supported PHP language. It provides mass import tools and web services.

Feartues OF Itop

It is designed to manage the complexity of shared infrastructures.
It is a standalone solution closely in line with your operations.
It provides a fully configurable configuration management database.
Provide helpDesk and incident management facility.
Change management and configuration management.
Automatic impact analysis and CSV import tool for all data.

CMDBuild is an open-source configuration and management application to model and manage a database containing assets. It comes with configurable web-based applications. It can be used to manage any type of asset management system. It provides integration support to extend the usability of the tool. CMDBuild supports the management of hardware devices software and others. It consists of the open-source engine Together Workflow Server (TWS) for the collaborative management of IT processes.

Features of CMDBuild

It is flexible and expandable gradually.
It is a central management module and interoperable with databases and external applications.
It uses only open source components.
It provides a generic workflow engine to model processes case-by-case.