Open Source Home Automation Tools

  • Mon, 04/04/2016 - 15:59 by aatif

Open Source Home Automation Tools


Home automation is a system of the home, it allows you to access devices in the home remotely. It consists of all those things at home like lights, appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems which are controlled through remote over the network. To protect him from a security point of view, It also included some security systems, like your alarm system, and all of the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras, and any other sensors that link to it. Home automation tools are kinds of Internet Of the Things (IoT).

There are a number of tools available to automate and protect him from any unwanted security threats. But we focus on open source home automation tools. Let see some of these open-source tools.

Carlos is an open-source Linux-based home automation software solution. It is written in C++ language and released under GPLv3 license, it works for Raspberry Pi. It enables users to control lights, switches, control music, and manage security cameras remotely. It provides a user-friendly graphical user interface. It is a complete automation solution for your home.

Features Of Calais

It provides the support of different hardware like Squeezeboxes, 1Wire, MySensors, HUE etc.
It is easy to install.
It is easily configurable with the GUI tool Calaos_Installer.
Provide full documentation support.
It comes with a touchscreen interface.

Domoticz is an open-source lightweight home automation system. It is written in C++ languages and can be run on UNIX/windows. It enables their user to configure and monitor various devices, like lights, switches, various sensor temperature, rainfall, wind, Ultraviolet radiation, electricity usage, gas consumption, water consumption, and many more. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

Features Of Domoticz

It provides the manual creation of switch codes.
It can Share/ Use external devices.
It supported RFXCom RF transceiver.
It provides logging and auto-learning switches.
It supported much hardware like P1 Smart Meter, YouLess Meter, 1-Wire, Pulse Counters, etc.

openHAB is an open-source smart home automation software solution. It is written in Java language and based on OSGi. It can be integrated with different home automation systems. It is supported various operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD. It is released under Eclipse Public License.

Features OF openHAB

It provides the support of APIs for integration with other systems.
It is controlled and maintained by the community.
It can be run on any device that is capable of running a JVM.
It provides a unique look at user interfaces.