The Top Open Source Auto dialer Software Projects in 2021

  • Fri, 05/15/2015 - 02:34 by aatif

What IS Open Source Autodialer

An open-source autodialer is free of cost autodialer software which is contributed by the open-source community. Autodialer takes a number from a contact list and dials each number automatically after receiving the call it plays a prerecorded message if the receiver wants further information its press a specific key and the call is transfer to the live agent.
There are different types of open source autodialer software that are developed by different open source communities. Different communities developed different autodialer software, which is unique with respect to their functionality. Almost all open source communities offer customization support in autodialer projects to fulfill the specific requirement of the business.

Lets we see the top three open-source autodialer software solutions.


ICTDialer is an open-source web-based unified communication autodialer software solution. ICTDialer is in one solution for telemarketing businesses and bulk communications. It is a multi-tenant Voice, SMS, and Fax broadcasting autodialer software solution. ICTDialer is developed over Angular and ICTCore frameworks, ICTCore is a Freeswitch based communication framework that can blast thousands of calls at a time . . ICTDialer supports VoIP, FoIP, and PSTN for termination.
ICTDialer's IVR Designer is a brilliant open-source interactive solution. IVR Designer allows you to create an advanced telephony system very easily with a drag and drop interface however it is not available in ICTDialer Version 3.0 and it is under development.

GOautodial is an open-source web-based call center autodialer software solution. It is a supported CentOS server for installation. GOautodialer supports both inbound and outbound campaigns. This software is developed by combining and integrating different open source solutions like it used Mysql database, PHP language, Asterisk communication framework, etc. It supports VoIP trunk and telco lines. This autodialer can also be used for conducting the survey because it supports survey dialing.

OSDial is an open-source predictive autodialer software solution. This software provides a user-friendly Graphical User Interface(GUI). This software based on Asterisk and needed a CentOS server for installation. OSDial is supported both campaign inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response(IVR).OSDial will scale from a couple of agents to several hundred agents. This autodialer is available under a license called Affero General Public License(AGPL).

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