The Top two Open Source Call Center Software

  • Wed, 05/20/2015 - 01:58 by aatif

The best two Open Source Call Center Software

Call center software is used to deliver and receive a large number of telephone calls by an agent. The work of the agent is to guide the customer about specific products or services. Call center software mostly support the inbound and outbound campaign. A large number of Open Source Call Center software are developed by Open Source Community. Lets we see some of the best two Open Source Call Center Software.

GOautodial is another web-based open source call center software solution. This Call center is included in GOautodiale by default when we install it. This call center solution has been made with a combination of different open source technology like Limesurvey, Asterisk, Vicidial, PHP, and Mysql. These applications make this software a very comprehensive solution that fulfills all basic call center needs. Like Elastix, it also used the Predictive auto dialing technique for a call center. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) increased call center functionality.


OSDial is a full-featured Open Source dialer for call centers that do Manual, Power, and Predictive dialing out of the box. It is easily installed through .iso images

The OS Dial server software is compatible with RedHat and CentOS Linux and its Agent Interface is accessed via web browser. The OSDial Agent Interface is fully compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome.

The OSDial Version 3.0 admin/agent related features are listed below

Agent Interface
Cleaned up interface, realigned and resized fields
Technical terms and options moved to a different screen
Added company name & job title
Initial overhaul to add configuration capability for fields
Easy to enlarge comment field
The font in fields larger for better legibility
Read Only fields are easily identified

Admin Interface
Initial overhaul to simplify the whole user experience
A more attractive look
Only shows applicable options for each dial mode
Easy to prepare the new dial mode before switching
Modify Campaign broken into separate sections to remove confusions

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