The Top 5 Open Source ERP Software Solution

  • Thu, 05/21/2015 - 02:21 by aatif


The Top 5 Open Source ERP Software Solution

What is ERP Software
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management software system for businesses. This software allows their user to automate and integrate their business application. Through ERP organizations manage easily different functions which belong to services, human resources, technology, etc. ERP allows you to integrate Multiple operations of the business that perform different departments like development, planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping, and payment, etc. ERP software solutions mostly used by large type of organizations for managing their work. To use this software some organization has a professional team which customizes and analyzes data and software according to their specific needs.

Open source ERP is a software solution whose source code is publicly available. It provides ease for companies to customize ERP software to fulfill their business needs. Open Source Enterprize Resource Planning(ERP) is free of cost solution, it can save too much money if your organization's IT team is still full. Lets we see the top 5 open source ERP solutions.

Apache OFBiz
Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open-source ERP software solution. This software suite is used in enterprises for integrating and automating the business process. Apache OFBiz ERP software provides different useful functions. Functions that this software performs are warehouse management, catalog management,
manufacturing management, e-commerce management, pricing management, promotion management, People and Group Management, Project Management, etc. It has been released under the Licence Apache Licence 2.0.

ADempiere is free of cost Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software solution. This ERP support Linux, OS X, Unix and Window operating system. It was initially released in 2006. The basic function which this software performs is Customer Relationship Management, Payroll management, manufacturing management, HR management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Performance Analysis, Integrated Point of sale (POS) solution, Integrated Web store, etc. It has been released under license GPLv2.

ERP5 is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. It automates your business process. ERP5 based on Python and Zope. It was initially released in 2002. It supports Linux and Unix operating systems. The core functions this software performs are CRM(customer relationship management), trade management, warehouse management, accounts management, HRM, product design management project management, etc. It has been released under license GPL.

Odoo is an open-source ERP software solution. The old name of Odoo was OpenERP. This software is written in Python. This ERP solution support all size of companies. It consists of approximately 260 core modules. This ERP suite based on multiple apps which each app performs a different function. Some of these apps functions are Manufacturing, Asset management, E-commerce, Warehouse management system, Expense management, Payroll management, Recruitment process, Point of sale, Customer relationship management, etc. This software has been released under license AGPL.

ERPNext is an open source ERP software solution developed by web Notes Technology PVT Ltd. It is written in Python and used MySQL database. ERPNext is similar to Odoo. This solution is also available as a Software as service. This software is design for small and medium-sized businesses. This ERP solution supported Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X operating systems. It has been released under license GPL.