Top 10 Software services of 2016

These 10 programs, mobile apps, plugins, and services in this list are among the top 10 inventions of new things of 2016 for helping anyone be more productive, from office workers to students. It lets you explore your options among the truly necessary working well and getting a lot done tools and also introduces you to some hidden gems that you might have missed while you were busy getting things done.


Slack is a messaging (raised) platform for teams, helping discussions (and friendly talk) across work partners who are not necessarily in the same place at the same time. Great search ability to do search things helps you find (clearly connected or related) messages that you may have missed the first time around. Slack can combine different things together so they work as one unit with a ton of others working well and getting a lot done apps and services, it plays very well with others.


With a huge/extreme amount of free storage and great (combination of different things together that work as one unit) options with other software and services, Google Drive is working well and getting a lot done wonder. Including a set of programs for office use with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms, and part file-syncing service. Google Drive delivers a wide range of extremely important business software. It is easy to use, it's collaborative and it works offline, too.


HipChat is an online, Real-time, team communication, and collaboration platform. If your team is searching for a replacement to email, HipChat should be at the top of your list. With excellent features, including screen-sharing and video calls, all for a very low price, it's an Editors' Choice.


Poorly managed meetings are a huge productivity killer and that's where comes in. If you hold a lot of meetings or are the helper for someone who does, will guide you toward better meeting practices while also providing a central place for archives, follow-ups, and more.

Any. Do is a group or personal task-management app for iOS, Android, and Chrome. It's a beautifully designed to-do app, but one (like nothing else in the world) feature, called the Moment, sets it apart from others. The Any. do Moment nudges you to make a habit of looking at your daily tasks first thing in the morning so you're never caught off guard by surprise tasks and meetings later in the day. Developing a good habit that increases productivity is very hard to do but very valuable, and it's impressive that goes for gold with this special feature.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Commanding reports and controlling your computer with your voice could be a huge productivity booster if you have an app that's highly smart and very (intelligent/obvious). Such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It's not cheap, but it is the best dictation software available to buy. With Dragon, you can start dictating emails right after setting up the software. Give yourself a few days to master deeper features, and you'll be flying through your work.


EasilyDo is a mobile app that automates small tasks for you, everything from posting "happy birthday" on your friends' Facebook pages on the right day to texting your significant other when you're running late. EasilyDo is very simple to set up and use and comes with a large number of ability to do things. For tiny time-eating tasks that you'd rather automate, let EasilyDo take control.


Hootsuite is a social media management system, meaning it's a one-stop-shop for updating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and now Instagram, too. Hootsuite helps keep social media managers and small business owners productive by giving them high-level tools for scheduling updates to their social network accounts, watching/supervising replies, and much more.


IFTTT stands for "if this, then that," and it's an online tool you use to create little automation, no coding skills needed. For example, you could say, "if there is an upcoming event on my Google Calendar, then send me a text message reminder with the event name, time, and address," or "If someone tags a photo of me on Facebook, then save a copy of that photo to Dropbox." The power of IFTTT is how easy it is to use and how many services are supported. Check it out, and start automating your life.

Stay focused

Stay focused keeps you productive by blocking distracting websites either for a time that you set (say, 9 to 5, Monday through Friday) or after a certain time limit (no more than 30 minutes of Facebook per day). It's a very simple and free browser plugin that you can get around by using another browser but still nudges you in the right direction to be the productive person you want to be.