Top Open Source Business Process Management Systems

  • Sat, 10/10/2015 - 01:43 by aatif

Top Open Source Business Process Management Solutions


Business process management is known as a systematic or holistic management approach used to manage an organization's workflow efficiently and effectively. The basic purpose of BPM is to minimize human error and concentrate on stakeholders to fulfill their needs. It plays an important role to increase business efficiency and effectiveness and provide flexibility, innovations, and work of technology integration.

Let's see some of the top open-source BPM solutions

ProcessMaker is an open-source business process management software solution. It supported small and medium-sized businesses. It is a very economical solution. Many of the small and mid-sized organizations, business units,s, and companies are running ProcessMaker open source business process management solutions. It is a very user-friendly BPM solution that easily and effectively handles. It is designed in such a way that business users can easily work with this and run workflows, increase transparency, and radically reduce paperwork, automate processes across systems, including human resources, finance, and operations. By using ProcessMaker you can perform a number of tasks like design forms, optimize workflow management, create workflow maps, improve employee efficiency.

CuteFlow is an open-source document circulation and workflow system. It is a web-based solution, it allows the user to define documents and send them step by step to every user in a given list. The basic purpose of sending these documents to different parties is to review them before selecting the final document for submission purposes. It provides assistant to fully automate documents circulation process under office internal environment. It performs a number of operations like tacking, starting the workflow, status observation through a web interface. The number of features offers by cute flow ar, it is free and open-source, provides integration capability of workflow documents with email, Excellent web based graphical user interface, it attaches data and files, uses an unlimited number of the sender, receiver, slots, etc.

It is the open-source world's most widely deployed business process platform. It is designed around the standards-based Eclipse STP BPMN modeler and Apache ODE BPEL engine, both originally contributed by Intalio. It consists of all the important component(BRE, BAM, PORTAL, ESB, ECM) which are needed for design, deployment, and management of the most complex business processes. It is available in different additions the most famous is Intalio’s free community edition. It offers a number of benefits to individuals and organizations. Some of these benefits are advanced task assignment, central repository, context palette, advanced data management, event processing, multi-process execution, scalable engine, process life cycle management, and many more