What Is Open Goverment

  • Thu, 02/04/2016 - 15:15 by aatif

What Is Open Government


Open government is a doctrine that empowers the citizen to access the documents and proceedings of the government and to allow for effective public oversight. The results of open government should be evaluated in the form of public value that is created by each initiative. The origin of open government was started at the time of the European Enlightenment.

Information and participation are two things on which open government based. A government that is open cannot disguise information from the public. Open information means any matter like money and resources to aware the citizen. It also encourages people to participate in government decision-making for the betterment of government and welfare. This two-way communication system of government and citizens built the foundation of Open Government.

Doing something new and better is the purpose of governments in respect of citizens and country. The concept of Open Government lies in this. Open government is a new and efficient way of governments that govern for citizens to exercise their citizenship. It is a good practice that makes sure that governments and citizens work together for the achievement of better outcomes. Open Government allows citizens of a democracy to control their government, reducing government corruption, bribery, and other malfeasance. People who favor Open Government give arguments that it helps to produce greater knowledge and societal progress.

Impact Of Technology in Open Government


As new technologies become available, they impact the ability of citizen participation in government. It provides ease in participation. It makes document distribution on the Internet cheaper and easier which was never before as. The internet provides too much facility in data distribution. By using the Internet governments share their documents and data online, where members can search material themselves. Proactive disclosure is a term that is used for this scenario.