ICTDialer Ver 4.0 Released, Open Source Freeswitch based auto dialer software

ICTDialer Version 4.0 released, The Unified communications dialing software

We are pleased to announce the release of ICTDialer Version 4.0 with the following enhancements

ACT CRM integration, Any CRM can be integrated for communications capabilities

Upgraded to Angular 8

Issues and bug fixed

Advanced Dashboard monitoring

ICTDialer is a FreeSWITCH based unified communication autodialer software for mass communications like voice broadcasting, fax broadcasting, SMS, and email marketing

ICTDialer front end has been developed over Angular framework and at the back end, ICTCore has been employed, A Freeswitch based unified communications framework that empowers ICTDialer with communications capabilities like creating a different kind of transmissions like SMS, emails, and voice fax calls.

ICTDialer is a project of ICT Innovations