ICTFAX Version 2.0 beta , open source Fax Over IP Solution

Pleased to release a new version of ICTFAX V 2.0 beta based on Powerful communication framework Plivo and Re-known open-source CMS Drupal 7.0, ICTFAX Ver 2.0 beta is completely rewritten software based on latest and proven open source technologies,

The previous version of ICTFAX was based on Drupal 4.7 and was not compatible with the new release of PHP, therefore, giving a lot of issues to users and only experienced users were able to cope with these issues also It was a tedious job to upgrade ICTFAX to new version of Drupal, We, at ICT Innovations, worked on this projects for months and ported most previous code into Drupal 7.0 and rewritten communication part into Plivo Communication Framework, therefore, changing communication engine of ICTFAX from Asterisk to Freeswitch

Freeswitch is a more stable and proven communication engine working at the back-end of ICTFAX, making it a more reliable and stable Fax Over IP solution

For more information, please visit http://www.ictfax.org