New release of ICTFAX - version 2.2.0

We are pleased to announce that a new release of ICTFAX with additional features and bug fixes is released. The new release contains bug fixes and new features including showing email address in DID screen, removing ICTFAX users, email address length issue, ictfax_form function, ictfax_form_submit function, edit and view fax bug, stopping to send any mail on broken faxes and space in the name of email attachment issue.

Following is the detailed list of bug fixes and new features:

1. Change regarding new Gevent issue in centos 6.5

There was an issue with the Plivo installation in recent Centos 6.5 due to the recent version of Gevent. Now we have fixed it by enforcing the older Gevent version in the Plivo installation script.

2. Show email address in DID Screen

Added the ability to see the email address that received faxes are sent to in the DID Screen. Also removed the Provider Trunk column as this is not needed and was taking up room which made the table look messy.

3. function ictfax_form_submit added try_recent

Modified the function ictfax_form_submit and added try_recent command in as Drupal threw an error when trying to send a fax.

4. Send Fax Remove message text as not working

Removed the message text in the Send Fax screen as this did not work, it has only been marked as hidden so it does not show this to the end-user. Also made some UI changes on received faxes - delete and view buttons are swapped over so the Delete button is always first and shows on the left-hand side for continuity purposes.

5. Updated email address length to match Drupal

Updated the length of the Email Address Field to match the length of the field in the Drupal Users Table

6. Enabled ICTFax User Deletion

Enabled the ability to delete a user from the ICTFax system as this was not done when a user is deleted from the Drupal User Menu.

7. Fixed function ictfax_form

The closing bracket was missing on the end, also changed the disabled text to None as it reads easier to users.

8. retry field ratting renamed into try_max

9. Documentation converted into Markdown syntax

Following are some improvements, Thanks to Marc Banyard:

11. Edit and view fax bug fixed

12. Don't send any mail on broken faxes, 0 pages

13. TMP issue fixed

14. dos2unix file converted

15. space in attachment file issue has been fixed