Top 5 VoIP Mobile Apps

VoIP mobile apps are in vogue and there are specific apps for different types of VoIP services. The smartphone market holds great potential for VoIP technology and it is with the mobile apps that this market can be tapped. There are several VoIP apps that have become popular among mobile phone users. In this article, we are going to look at some of the most popular apps that hold a lot of promise for their users:


One of the best applications for Android smartphones is to use VoIP. This app routes the calls made by the user through a data network instead of the service provider. Viber is considered among the best ones and the popularity of this app is just touching the sky. At first, it was regarded as the replacement of texting services, but now Viber allows its user to place a voice call anywhere in the world for free using data or Wi-Fi network; although the person to whom the call is placed must also be a Viber user. If you want to place calls to a landline phone using VoIP, then it also can be done by using the Viber Out feature but these calls are charged with a minimal rate and vary according to the country you are calling. Viber is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.

Google Hangouts

The next one on the list the app called Google Hangouts. This is an interesting app in development and this app offers free voice calls to some of its users and some are charged for the voice calls. The users, who are using the iOS version of the app, can place voice or video calls to any user of Hangouts but who are using the Android version of the app can only place video calls for free and the voice calls will be diverted back to the carrier and they will be charged with a normal plan. This app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Using Hangouts, you can call from your computer and if you are calling directly to a landline, it is free as long it is domestic and the international calls are chargeable and affordable.


It is among the first ones in the market. This app is much discussed than the others. It offers its users to place free video and voice calls all over the world. It is among the most reliable apps to use VoIP for calling. This application is completely free and it is available for desktop OSes along with other platforms like android, iOS, and windows phone. The one feature that is totally unique about this is that it supports large group video calls which other applications of this category do not offer. It also offers free texting services.


MagicJack is the app that makes a home phone transported to a phone that can use VoIP. But this MagicJack also has launched a mobile application with the name MagicApp. This app is the apps in the market that routes voice calls over data or Wi-Fi network and it also offers very low rates for calls for the citizens of the US and Canada. But the calls made to other users of the same app are completely free. The app offers a special number to its users.

Vonage Mobile

The Vonage Mobile app is also one of the most popular apps in the market to place calls routed out of the carriers’ barrier and connect through Wi-Fi or a data network. But the main feature is that this app allows its users to retain and use their own numbers. Voice, video calls, and texting to other Vonage users are completely free while domestic calls to US numbers are also free but international calls are minimally charged.

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