CRM with Unified Communication and Auto Dialer Integrated

CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM is a term that describes a strategy for working with customers, but in practice is most often used to describe the category of products that enable effective customer relationship management.

In the first word of any CRM, you'll see the most important thing: it's about the customer. By using CRM, you will be able to better understand your customers and provide the best possible customer experience (CX).

In recent years, that goal has become more challenging. Consumers now communicate with brands through multiple channels (such as messaging, email, social media, and phone). The buyer's journey has become more complex with more ways to research products and make purchases. Companies that sell a great deal of products to multiple audiences face even greater difficulties in managing it all.

Types of CRM?

CRM products are divided into three main categories based on their features and focus.

  1. Collaborative CRM system
  2. Operational CRM system
  3. Analytical CRM system

Collaborative CRM system

CRM systems that work collaboratively are breaking down silos. Sometimes marketing, sales, and customer service agents work in different departments and feel disconnected from one another. For larger organizations, these departments are further partitioned into groups based on factors such as geographic locations, channels they serve, products they focus on, or skill specialties.

CRMs that enable collaboration ensure that all teams have access to the same customer data, regardless of the department or channel they work in. Additionally, customer service possesses all the information the marketing and sales teams gathered when talking to a prospective customer, and it has updated data from all customer interactions completed over email.

Operational CRM system

An operational CRM helps streamline a company's relationships with customers. With these solutions, you can see and manage the entire customer journey with greater ease, even when there are many touch points involved. The customer experience begins with their first visit to your company's website and continues through the entire lead management process as they move through the sales funnel and after they become a customer.

Analytical CRM system

In analytical CRMs, you focus mostly on analyzing customer data in order to gain important insights. The ease of gathering large amounts of data has been greatly enhanced through digital platforms.

ICTBroadcast as a Unified communication Auto Dialer

ICTBroadcast is a unified communications auto dialer software and call center software, it features Voice, SMS, Fax and Email communications. It is an all one software solution based on open-source asterisk communications switch. ICTBroadcast features multiple dialing modes such as progressive dialing, predictive dialing, power dialing, preview dialing as well as manual dialing through WebRTC web phones. ICTBroadcast is also a complete inbound & outbound call center software solution featuring a variety of campaigns.

ICTBroadcast supports different types of telemarketing and broadcasting campaigns fulfilling requirements of multiple business scenarios . These telemarketing and call center campaigns make it a complete unified communications telemarketing and call center platform.

Why do we Integrate ICTBroadcast with CRM?

As we know ICTBroadcast is a unified communication auto dialer and call software, and CRM is Customer Relation Management, ICTBroadcast provides Voice, SMS, Fax and Email communications.If we integrate ICTBroadcast auto dialer with CRM there is a perfect combination for dealing with wider range of customers. After that integrated with ICTBroadcast auto dialer the customer has broder options via Voice, SMS. Fax and Email to communicate.

How does it work after Integration?

ICTBroadcast has an auto dialing and call center feature that uses customer number information from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to contact and deal with a wider range of customers.

ICTBroadcast uses REST based API to ensure communication and automation between our products and third party applications in a seamless and simple process. It helps the customers to automate their business process that improves organization’s performance and customer care to develop stronger relationships with customers.

Integration enables automation of the business process and enables the user to create and run campaigns directly from Vtiger CRM.

Benefits of CRM Integration with Unified Communication Auto Dialer

The benefits of CRM with Unified Communication and Auto Dialer is giver below:

Improving Lead Conversion Rates

The agent always acts with their customers based on the updated information about their consumer. As a result of the agent's personalized approach, they have an easier time converting leads to customers. CRM and auto dialers help companies to increase their profit by converting leads into customers. CRM improves relationships between customers and representatives. CRM organizes consumer information to convert leads.

Reduced idle time for your Agents

If you have the ICTBroadcast auto dialer software for your CRM or spreadsheet, you can work quickly and easily on many leads. When dialing manually, it can take a long time and be fraught with errors, which leads to time waste and error-prone results. CRM software is not just useful for organizing customer data, but can also save agents' time by reducing errors.

Enhanced operational Efficiency

The ICTBroadcast auto dialer software helps to reduce misdialing, call drops, and excessive time wasted while on the phone. If they have more calls, they will be able to generate more productivity and improve their efficiency.

Talk time with agents increased

By managing and arranging information about the customer, the agent is able to attend more calls. By comparing manual dialing cases with the automatic dialing system, the software has reduced agent talk time significantly. By reducing idle time, the call connect percentage has increased and agents are able to spend more time speaking with customers.

Monitoring and reporting in real-time

CRMs and auto dialers optimize a real-time monitoring system that can help managers improve management decision-making policies and also help them make the right decisions more quickly. In addition to identifying their problems, a recording of the call helps them monitor in the right manner to engage more leads.


By taking everything in mind about the advantage of CRM with auto dialer, it will be the right decision for you to choose the ICTBroadcast auto dialer software for your association. It is not only software; it is also a good friend who can improve your business with many more features.