ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition, A White Label & Turnkey Marketing Automation Solution

ICTBroadcast, A White Label & Turnkey Marketing Automation Solution

Do you want to start your own digital and Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) services to serve residential, commercial, industrial, and digital sectors? How to start an IT marketing services providing company from scratch? What are the available digital services that can be integrated to start a new business or develop an existing business? The demand for digital services is ever increasing but the service providers are still facing challenges. Among other services, marketing automation software technology is the rapidly growing field that has been ranked higher among other services. ICTBroadcast proudly presents its Service Provider Edition that is a white-label and turnkey marketing automation solution for businesses, industries, enterprises, call centers, and advertising agencies. It is important to seriously consider our product if you want automated marketing solutions.
Marketing automation digital services are highly demanded in the world that is one of the most potential and emerging technology. ReportLinker expects a 13.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019-2024 in the marketing automation software. The marketing automation software will have more than 6.4 billion USD value by the end of 2024. The marketing and sales departments are struggling to compete in the market because marketing defines the scope of success for any business. Every company produces the best product for the customers but markets are ranked not only on the basis of the quality of the product but their marketing capabilities. In 2017, The New York Times described marketing as, “the art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets.” Every industry has a special marketing and sales department that promote its products using different digital marketing platform.
The concept of marketing requires the collection and processing of a massive amount of short-term and long-term data. Marketing follows the principle of the 4Ps and 4Cs. The 4Ps are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion while the 4Cs are Consumer, Cost, Convenience, and Communication. For effective marketing, the companies keep track of their existing services as well as competitive strategies. Moreover, creating and managing campaigns, analyzing data, real-time monitoring, promoting sales, message broadcasting, unified communication, managing customer relationships, responding to inbound and outbound calls, system monitoring, and resource management, etc. tasks become serious challenges when competing for real-time market and industries. Managing all marketing services using traditional ways will significantly reduce business growth and development. Therefore, it is important to upgrade the existing marketing tools using ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition. This service is a white-label and turnkey marketing automation solution that automatically controls and boosts marketing services.
Before describing the features of this exciting product, let us review some of the key terms.

1. White-label

White-label are the ready-to-use or ready-to-launch solutions or products that can be rebranded or resell to the clients. The white-label companies buy a product from the manufacturing company and sell it using their own brand name. For example, ‘Company A’ is producing a digital, physical, or mechanical product that is bought by ‘Company B’. Company B resells or rebrands that product using their own company name and logo. This concept is called white-label. The concept of white-label products is widely used in freelancing and digital platform where companies buy finished products and resell them using their identity. The clients know Company B who is providing them those products but they do not know the challenges manufacturing company. The white-label business is emerging due to its extensive characteristics that can boosts sales and improve business development.
New products can be added, extended, or offered
Scale and develop your business
Improved customer-relationship
No overhead charges
Increase your revenue
White-label digital advertising, social marketing, website solution, graphic design, content creation, and white-label SEO are the highly demanded white-label solutions and products.

2. Turnkey

Turnkey is also a ready-to-use product or solution that is specifically designed as per the customer’s specifications. Turnkey solutions from scratch and the developers provide fully integrated systems. It may be considered as the building contract where the contracted company constructs the building and the owner does not have any involvement except making payments. Turnkey solutions are provided by developers and manufacturers with semi or full services. In most cases, developers do not provide full ownership or licenses as it was available in white-label. However, turnkey solutions do not have versatile functionalities as white-label solutions provide. For example, turnkey can be considered as the software and applications that are available for ready-to-use but they require a monthly or annual subscription.
In most cases, the company may want to avail of some services or solutions based on customer requirements products is the best option. Turnkey offers:
Customized settings
Unique design
Partial or complete business ownership
Licensing options can be availed if required

3. What is ICTBroadcast Marketing automation solution

ICTBroadcast offers white-label and turnkey marketing automation solutions with unified Auto dialer communication support services. This product is not only a marketing automation software but it also has unified communication support that boosts marketing services. ICTBroadcast provides white-label and turnkey services that can be rebranded for the provision of Internet Telephony and marketing automation software services. The user can buy ICTBroadcast solutions and resell these services using their brand names while ICTBroadcast ensures fully guaranteed customer support. It is a complete package for call centers and marketing departments to fully automate and optimize the marketing services.

Top features of ICTBroadcast Marketing Automation Solution:

Third-party Integration support (Offline, Online, Cloud-based, Website & CRM)
Lead management, Nurturing & Lead Scoring
Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Voice Broadcasting
Multi-tenant, Multi-Campaign, Personalized & Targeted Marketing
Cloud-based Marketing Techniques
Inbound Calling & Outbound Calling
Smart auto & Predictive dialer functionalities
Smart Call Center Solution
Billing, Payments & Subscription Campaigns
Customized and/or automated Services
Customized Templates and Designs
Centralized and Cloud-based Marketing Tools
Optimized Resource Utility & Allocation
Collaboration & Customer Support
Account, Channel & Case Management
Real-time Alerts and Notifications
Improved Customer Relationship & Higher customer retention and attraction
Scalable, Fast, Secure and Flexible solutions
Supports Small, Medium and Enterprise Businesses
IVR Studio Support
Codeless Designing
Attractive Graphical Design
Resources Management
Rich Profiles & Segmentation
Analytics & Reporting
Testing & Debugging services
Usability and setup
Social Media Automation
Available Locally or Globally
SEO-Friendly Marketing
Action Triggering Service

ICTBroadcast offers white-label and turnkey Service Provider Edition that significantly saves time, operational costs, and overhead costs. The users can easily access ICTBroadcast services to provide Internet Telephony and marketing automation services as per their requirements. The users are free to choose pricing, services, customized packages, subscriptions, routing schemes, and user management systems. The customer can use white-label ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition and re-brand or resell these services using their own identity, company name, and logo. Simple, faster, and completely guided procedure to set up and install these services for ready-to-use.
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