ICTBroadcast Version 4.3 release, the unified communications auto dialer and call center software

We are pleased to announce the release of new version of unified communications automated dialing and call center software ICTBroadcast Version 4.3

Following are the new additions / features introduced in ICTBroadcast Version 4.3

Three level user account supported.

ICTBroadcast Version 4.3 now supports Admin account , company / tenant account and sub accounts under tenant account.

Companies / Clients can assign the roles and permission to the sub-accounts. All the resources of the company / tenant account are shared among sub accounts and sub - accounts can use these resources provided the sub-account has permission to do so.

For example all the DIDs assigned and available to a tenant are accessible to all the sub-accounts and each sub-account can use these shared DID's provided they are authorized to do so.

Inbound dialing

Now DIDs can be directly forwarded to the

* Agent / Extensions
* IVR scripts / designs i.e. the IVRs that are created through the ICTBroadcast IVR Studio using drag and drop tools.
* Campaigns

Custom Dialing technologies / methods support added in Campaign

Users are allowed to choose any suitable method when creating the new campaigns.

While creating a new campaign, there is now an option to select the dialing method that defines how to dial the contact number in the campaign

However while creating a broadcast campaign, the automatic method is enforced by default.

ICTBroadcast supports five types of dialing technologies/methods listed below :

* Inbound dialing
* Predictive dialing
* Progressive dialing
* Preview dialing
* Manual dialing

Filter campaign according to the selected dial technology / method

Now dialing technology / method support is added at the time of campaign creation. Agents can filter the campaign according to the dialing method.

Call Disposition

Now agents can add the call disposition when the call connects with the customer and agent can record the customer feedback and response accordingly.
This will help us to evaluate the Campaign performance and results .

Agent performance and evaluation summary report along with Agent rating

In order to improve the system performance, agent rating is now introduced. Now the customer / call recipient can rate the agent according to his performance on a scale of 1 - 5.

The agent evaluation summary report is also prepared that helps us to evaluate the performance of agents.

Campaign Closure action

Now users can set specific action at the end of the campaign, once all of the contacts in a campaign get processed and the campaign comes to the closure stage, the user specified action taken accordingly.

Following actions are supported on campaign closure:

* Conclude Campaign
* Wait Inbound
* Wait contacts (API)
* Repeat contacts

Advanced Search

New advance search option has been added to search using different criteria and variables that give users complete control and ease to search a specific record from database.

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