ICTCore, The communications software for Telecom / Voip carriers to offer innovative services

Telecom organizations around the globe are competing with each other to offer innovative services in order to find new ways to generate revenue and in this competitive environment, the only organizations with efficient and innovative approaches will survive. The price war is compelling telecom / VOIP operators/carriers to find out new ways to generate revenue and offer new services to fulfill their customer needs. That is why Telecom / VOIP operators/carriers are very much interested to have a platform that enables them to offer new services as per needs as well as offer APIs to their business customers to integrate third-party applications with telecom / VOIP operator/carrier's communication platform. ICTCore is the ultimate answer to all telecom / VOIP operator's / carrier's queries

ICTCore core is an open-source unified communications development framework for carriers/telecom operators / VOIP services provider's IT & development team to rapidly develop ICT-based applications using their existing development skills. By using ICTCore, developers can create communication-based applications such as Auto attendant, Fax to Email, Click to Call, etc.. they can program custom business logic that can control incoming and outgoing communication instances.

ICTCore having a primary focus on integrated and automated communications. ICTCore goal is to be a common server-side software/back-end for CTI (computer telephony integration) related projects. Further, as a framework, it can be extended to develop new communication solutions and services using user’s existing development skills and infrastructure.

ICTCore is a PHP and Linux-based service application which supports multiple gateway interfaces like Freeswitch, Kannel, and Sendmail further it offers inbound and outbound transmissions for voice, fax, SMS, and email. However the main feature of ICTCore is its unified way of integration which allow a different kind of services to interact with each other, for example, a message can trigger a call or an inbound fax can be forwarded over email.

Following are some open source-based telephony applications developed over the ICTCore communications framework

ICTDialer http://www.ictdialer.org
ICT Dialer is an open-source, unified auto dialer software that is Voice, Fax, Email, and SMS broadcasting server. ICTDialer is multi-tenant with Voice, Fax, and SMS broadcasting capabilities developed over re-known open source Content Management System Drupal and Freeswitch based powerful ICTCore Communication Framework. It can be scaled to blast hundreds of simultaneous calls using either VoIP, FoIP, or PSTN. ICTDialer was capable to fit in many broadcasting and telemarketing scenarios. It empowers users with the capabilities of Drupal CMS and ICTCore Communication Framework.

ICTFax http://www.ictfax.org
ICT Fax is a free and open-source GNU GPLv3 based multi-user and web-based software solution for service providers and businesses. ICTFAX is an Email to Fax, Fax to Email, and Web to Fax gateway, supports G.711 faxing, PSTN faxing, and FoIP T.38 origination and termination. ICTFAX based on open source Freeswitch, ICTCore, and Drupal 7.

The project site is http://ictcore.org/