ICTSchool full version released as completely open source license with CTI

  • Fri, 07/02/2021 - 15:37 by mujahid

Dear ICTInnovations' community and group:

We at ICT Innovations are pleased to announce the release of our business version of ICTSchool, the school management software as completely open source license available at GitHub with advance features such as multi branches support, account and results and exams management along with unified communications support and computer telephony integration through ICTCore communications framework at back-end . The ICTSchool Open Source License's goal is to encourage continued development and dissemination of ICTSchool software and derivative software so that a wider number of people can benefit from its features.

The ICTSchool Open Source License is based on the GPL Version 3.0 open-source model, which gives users unlimited control over how they use, creates, and distribute ICTSchool source code and it has been available on the GitHub website (https://github.com/ictinnovations/ICTSchool) since July first, 2021.

New Main Features of ICTSchool in Open-Source

Here is a list of new incredibly features in the open-source version of ICTSchool

- Multi Branches
- Branding/White Label Mobile Application
- ICTCore APIs support
- Fee Management
- Accounts Management
- Paper Generator
- Voice Notification
- Voice Integration
- Income and Expense Report

Here is some explanation of above-mentioned features of ICTSchool:

Multi Branches

The software allows viewing branch-wise accounts reports, Real-time branch reporting. The attendance system module helps the Administration easily monitor his branch status, How many students are absent or present today, check income and expense reports, and the paid and defaulter student list of each branch from the admin portal. Administration can also send emergency notifications or fee reminders to students of all branches or a specific branch and many more.

Branding/White Label Mobile Application

Our white-label school management software ICTSchool helps you to set up your own branded platform to launch extremely efficient, organizations and innovative them accordingly for using your platform. No powered by here. As your real white-label web and mobile application, ICTSchool is pleased to work inside.

ICTCore APIs support

ICTCore is an open-source unified communications framework designed for developers and integrators to rapidly develop ICT based applications using their existing development skills also Internet Telephony Service Provider and telecom carriers can deploy to sell communications APIs to their customers,

Fee Management

The fee Management system allows to reduces the working task and is easy to maintain records for a long time than normal handwritten records. This system has allowed for the fee calculations to be done very easily. Hence management and maintenance of fees became very easy.

Accounts Management

Accounts of schools allow managing the finance of the schools or other educational facilities. Accounts are responsible for balancing payments, student school fees, staff salaries, and the complete account management system. Accounts allow getting the update about the advance Income / Expenses report. School staff accounts allow performing administrative duties such as maintaining schedules, providing telephone support, filing, transcription, and the production of forms.

Here are complete details of ICTSchool features

ICTSchool Some Screenshots and Gallery

Here are some screenshots of ICTSchool

ICTSchool Dashboard

ICTSchool Dashboard

ICTSchool Class

ICTSchool Class List

ICTSchool Section

ICTSchool Section List

ICTSchool Student

ICTSchool Student List

ICTSchool Teacher

ICTSchool Teacher List

ICTSchool Timetable Management

ICTSchool Timetable management

ICTSchool Exam

ICTSchool Exam List

ICTSchool Marks

ICTSchool Mark List

ICTSchool Promotion

ICTSchool Promotion List

ICTSchool Voice and SMS

ICTSchool Voice and SMS

ICTSchool Holidays

ICTSchool Holidays

ICTSchool Class Off Day

ICTSchool class off

ICTSchool Attendance

ICTSchool Attendance

ICTSchool Monthly Attendance Report

ICTSchool Monthly Attendance Report

ICTSchool Attendance View

ICTSchool View

ICTSchool, a project of ICT Innovations