School Management System using free and open-source Software

Managing a school is not an easy task; numerous aspects that must be resolved daily. Any educational system must have strong school management. Administrators throughout are consistently implicated in a variety of activities to successfully control school efficiency and enhance the educational experience for students. School Management System Software is the best means for organizing your school’s efficiency and productivity levels; this revolutionary means can be completely change the way an integral need of every school to manage.

This school management software will facilitate you in managing your student information and enabling teachers and parents to interact with one another. The advantage of school management system is that it will lighten the load, improving efficiency for other interests while also saving money. Staff members are encourage to strive on their professional and personal growth because time-consuming and worthless responsibilities have been eradicated.

The enduring global catastrophe has brought significant changes in how educational institutes provide students with learning, instruction, and engagement. With lockdowns and social distancing rules, forcing institutions to revaluate how they operate, getting students and faculty, back to schools has been a constant task.

With the growth trend of digital classes, the software has been updated with new features. Now students can get education on home-basis.

School management software means enable in the management of various tasks such as attendance monitoring, admissions, fee submission, class scheduling, and students, faculty, curriculum managerial control.

Top 7 open and free source Software for School Management

  1. Fedena:

Fedena is a powerful programming framework-based, open-source school management software. It also works well in single and multiple school configurations. The Fedena open-source school management community version software is now available for free download.

  1. OpenEduCat:

It is an adaptable school administration software system which allows schools to manage their student information system, faculty information and examination supervision. It is also available in 65 languages.

  1. Gibbon:

It is an open-source school management software solution that offers all school management information. This device is accessible, to teachers, parents, and students.

  1. ICTSchool

The latest school management software solution for managing any kind of independent school is called ICTSchool. For forward thinking educational institutions nationwide, it offers integrated communication & school management capabilities. To connect teachers in school, perform voice-based discussions and conduct real time studies, broadcast essential announcements or invites, and connect parents and children in ways never previously anticipated, it fully optimizes workflows and integrates voice calls and text messaging.
ICTschool source code is available GitHub , Click here to download

  1. FeKara

It offers a systematic and highly scalable school database system for teachers, parents and students. It provides students with a virtual classroom experience. Teachers can easily create online classes and manage homework assignment with the help of this app. It provides email and live chat assistance.

  1. RosarioSIS

It offers learn management solutions to schools in favor of making educational processes more accountable. The software is available in a variety of languages and is consistent with tablets and smartphones. This software’s add-on features include scheduling, grades, billing and student’s demographics.

  1. Classter

It is a cloud-based school management system that also includes a student information system (SIS). It also provides a variety of modules adapted to higher education institutions and private academies. It helps in saving and integrating student data.


Better educational conclusions are directly linked to increased management qualities

Schools should ease best employees of the administrative burden”

Most day-to-day functions and activities are facilitated and accomplished by software systems in high-performing schools.